Never Seen Your Face - Bishi

The un-remixed album version of this is magnificent, but for the video, I’m glad they decided to bust out the big farty synths, while still keeping the sitar solo. I love what we’ve heard of ‘Albion Voice’ but I hope that her musical palette remains expansive and eclectic in its combinations.¬†

I would OWOB Bishi, but she only has two EPs and one album to her name at the moment. (Granted, those releases include straight-up electro, sitar-folk, flamenco-dance-tabla fusion and 12th Century choral chants, so…)

Maybe in a year’s time, I’ll have enough thoughts about her. For now, I’m mired in my last-minute attempt to churn out 30ish posts about Patrick.

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  1. parklakespeakers said: YES, I was hoping that it would be Patrick that you would be doing.
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