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that there is a modest mouse movie and apparently you should know about it because it covers like 70% of the page.

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That is a massive amount of promo space right there.
Yeah, but to be fair, only two of those big blurbs are technically promo space. The biggest part of it is “”.

I know commenting on/caring about P4K redesigns is so Alex-in-2005

But seriously? This is just so un-functional.

The scrolling newsfeed is unattractive and cumbersome. Sticking dead centre is just kind of weird. The embedded tracks is cool, I guess but I was never really bothered before about needed to click through to the track review and READ the damn review before being able to press play and listen.

The features being stuck at the bottom is really telling, given their once-prominent placement a few years back, when Richardson or Ewing or whoever’s newest were touted closer to the top, instead of having to scroll all the way to the bottom. I don’t even know what Kill Screen and Soundplay are - something about videogames and something else?

The whole site just feels very overcrowded, and very focused on streaming music and videos and drawing attention to the new sister-sites and/or the P4K festivals, rather than the track and album reviews with a smattering of news. It’s strange, because for a moment a few months back it felt like they were moving towards a design that was more spare and spacious rather than whatever this is.

Same As It Ever Was



via Keith Harris

was hoping to see more results like this:

Andy Hutchins: If I ran Pitchfork, I would have put Super Bass #1.
maura johnston: ahead of fucking holocene at last
maura johnston: oh well
maura johnston: can’t complain


I mean, I enjoy watching anti-pop hipsters sputter about Super Bass as much as the next person, but  is our amusement all that different from that obnoxious “Who Are Arcade Fire?” Tumblr post-Grammys?

Maybe it is. I’m still chuckling a little bit. Guiltily.

P4K Review: Brumalia EP

Seriously, I can’t decide if general consensus on PW’s albums somehow shifted after The Magic Position (which despite its poppiness got P4K’s highest PW score by 0.1 or something like that) or if it’s just Ian Cohen. Because different people covered the first three LPs, which all ended up in the 8.x range, and he’s written three successive takedowns of The Bachelor, Lupercalia and Brumalia, all apparently from the perspective of someone who really dug Wind in the Wires but has been disappointed by everything since.

He’s called everything from TMP onwards condescending to its audience, and hopes that Patrick will “bundle up in black” to return to the gothic tones of his youth or something. Which, ffs, it’s not like Lycanthropy and WitW didn’t have their poppier moments, and the less over-the-top (and often less critically focused on) moments of both albums were peaceful pastoral folk (Pigeon Song, The Railway House, Peter Pan, Land’s End, etc.) And it’s not as though his more recent albums have lacked for broodiness - TMP had Magpie, Augustine, Bluebells; The Bachelor made an art of broody gothiness in a way that rival Cohen’s imagined memories of the first two records; even Lupercalia has Slow Motion - and in the B-sides there’s Mercia and Divine Intervention.

The biggest thing that’s changed post-Wind in the Wires is a) presentation/visuals, which (even for The Bachelor - ‘Vulture’ video excepted) have been more professional, prettier, poppier, and b) the quality of recordings, which took a slight step up with TMP and skyrocketed with The Bachelor and Lupercalia, which have both been recorded and mixed impeccably. I understand the desire to hear more of PW’s early ramshackle 4-track + MacBook beats demo days, but he’s got plenty in the vault for later. And if that’s the issue, then it isn’t about quality of songs or themes or facility (because lets be honest, Lycanthropy's lyrics are just as ridiculous, they're just stroppy and teenaged), it's about aesthetics.

All that, and I haven’t even heard Brumalia yet. Where do I get me a copy? 

ETA: Not to say that aesthetics aren’t a valid criticism. Not everyone has to like PW’s stuff, or all of PW’s stuff. I just wish that we didn’t pretend that there was a big tonal shift in his work around 2007 or whatever.