I do a lot of rambling about politics and pop music here, but sometimes I scrawl elsewhere.

A convenient series of links:

The Singles Jukebox

Most of my writing these days is for TSJ. My stuff is all here.

CanCon: 49th Parallel Pop

Over the summer, I started a Tumblr with a couple of other folks where we write about the strange and wonderful world of government-subsidized Canadian pop music. It’s been lying fallow for a couple of months but 49th Parallel Pop is about to come back with a vengeance.

One Week One Band

Closing Time: Broken Social Scene - ‘It’s All Gonna Break’

One Week One Band: Patrick Wolf


"A World of Want": Confessions of My First Boy-Band Crush

Rock Critic Roundtable

Vol. 2: NOT-MEN: Post #1, Addendum

The McGill Daily

Kanye West: The Centre of His Own Universe: My first piece of *actual* music writing, I think, outside of blogging. Initially written back when I saw the Glow in the Dark Tour, and later updated for 808s and Heartbreak discussion.


Purple Reign’: Hastily-written piece about the first of Montreal Jazz Festival’s two Prince shows in June 2011. I still have no idea how to convey the majesty of Prince in writing, so the piece is basically a glorified setlist. Still, it was a great setlist.

Old Blogs:

The Internet never dies.

Desperation Tentacles, v. 1.0: First attempt a music blog. Vaguely embarrassing.

what about a birdseed shirt?: First attempts at music writing, and other vague thoughts. Not bad.

Desperation Tentacles, v. 2.0: Yet another move, more focused on writing, less on mp3s. A more successful, until I realized that all the conversations were happening on Tumblr.